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We repair and service most makes of camcorders and video cameras including digital and analogue models, amateur and professional types.  We also repair cameras and lenses and sell new binoculars and telescopes, please see below.


If you have a faulty camcorder or video camera then please get in touch for advice on what can be done for you.  See the Contact page for all our phone and email details.



Camcorder repairs - Welcome. Camcorder repairs

Welcome to our camcorder and video camera repair website!  Camera repair

Newton Ellis & Co. repair most makes and models of camcorders and video cameras.  If you are having a problem with your camcorder or video camera then bring or send it in for a free estimate, we can usually give you an idea of what is wrong with it and an idea of the cost.  If you can't get in to our shop then give us a call and we will try to help you over the phone or just send an email, see the 'Contact Us' page.  We do try to make the repairs as cost effective as possible so if you have an older model then we will try our best to keep the cost down if at all possible.

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Repairs to digital and film cameras and lenses.  Camcorder repairs

We also repair and service still cameras, digital and film models all formats.  So if you have a digital camera with spots on your pictures or a 1950's classic camera or lens that needs a service then we are the people to contact.  Please visit our camera and lens repairs website for more help and information and the specialist services we can provide -

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