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We repair and service most makes of camcorders and video cameras including digital and analogue models, amateur and professional types.  We also repair cameras and lenses and sell new binoculars and telescopes, please see below.

If you have a faulty camcorder or video camera then please contact us for advise on what can be done for you.  See the 'Contact Us' page for our contact details.

If you are sending a repair to us then please download our booking-in form.  It helps to speed things up.

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Most common repairs...

Many camcorders which use tapes such as video 8 and Mini DV can have problems with the tape transport mechanism.  If the transport mechanism fails then the tape will jam and usually the camcorder reports an error.  Make sure you renew your tapes regularly as damaged or old tapes can cause the mechanism to jam which can also damage the tape.

Camcorders which use a hard disc (HDD) can have problems with the HDD failing especially if it has had impact damage.  It is a good idea to backup your recordings to DVD or your computer in case the HDD packs up.

The flexible circuit ribbon can crack or snap on models which have a flip out LCD screen.  It starts as an intermittent picture or lines on the LCD.  We can replace the flexible circuit ribbon on most models.

No picture on record has been a problem for many years.  It can be that the sensor (CCD) has failed or the iris mechanism in the lens has jammed in the closed position so no light can get through it.  This is quite common and can occur in lenses on still cameras.

Take care when inserting leads into input or output sockets especially on smaller modern models as you can damage the pins in the camcorder.  Some sockets are part of a larger circuit board which may have to be replaced as a complete unit and can be costly.

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